Connecting How It Feels To How It Sounds (and vice versa)

Hi! Eloisa here! Hope you are all staying sane, safe and healthy. I sure miss having my students around. A lot of our families are being affected financially and the effect keeps trickling down. We hope everyone hangs on tight and together we can come out of this stronger than before. For now, while stuck at home, I thought I would share some of my LIKES: favorite videos, exercises, etc. I have come across in my years of teaching. From my own voice lessons with the lovely Ms Vaccariello at the University of Redlands, to all the great information you can now find all over the internet! Boy do I sound old! But yeah, the internet was a very new thing when I was in college. I'll start out by sharing a bit about what I do and end with a video by an incredible singer, performer, vocalist, and voice coach, Tyley Ross, which I think you will find fascinating. I've shared this with my students many times.

One of the most difficult things about our instrument as singers, is the fact that we cannot see what's happening within it - we can only feel and listen to whatever that feeling is producing. This is a tricky thing for a voice coach like myself, who mostly spends time with young musicians (in years of  learning their voice), because part of my job is to help my students understand that proper technique does not always "feel" right at first...and perhaps for a while. The first thing we tackle then, is the difference between what we physically feel, and those things we "feel" that are actually emotional reactions to a sound that may not be meeting their expectations. At the core, I consider my job as a coach as someone who encourages, and keeps the singer on track in their quest to find their best voice by helping him/her get rid of some bad habits and find new, better ones to take root. It's definitely a process but it doesn't have to be a tedious one. Always find the balance between the working out or studying and the singing your heart out for the sake of singing your heart out. If I'm doing my job right, my singers will discover the new habits showing up unexpectedly - when they are singing riding around in their car with friends, while dancing or the classic, the shower! Although I'll reiterate what I always tell them: the car is NOT the place to practice. You can definitely have fun singing while you drive though. :)

Anyway, here's my first LIKE on this blog: Singing in the MRI with Tyley Ross - Making the Voice Visible. Enjoy!

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